Product Name : 101Meat Cutting Machine (table type)
Product Introduction
Type Power Size Size for trough Capacity Cutting speed Cutter distance
101 1/4HP 370*340*360 140MM 200KG/HR 100RPM MIN.3MM
101L 3/4HP 380*380*420 200MM 500KG/HR 100RPM MIN.3MM


1.Meat cutting to slices, shreds or diced.

2.squid, mushroom, fungus, pig liver, bacon, lard, dried meat, sausage, bacon,

  sausage, cut vegetables, etc.

3.Innovative knife set to make the knife group more secure.

4. Can replace multiple sets of knife group, knife group can be removable cleaning.

5.Host one molding, easy maintenance and cleaning.

6.Head no chain, maintenance more convenient.

7.Machine shell waterproof device, the motor is not easy to rush to the water.