Product Name : EH-7 Meat Slicer
Product Introduction
Type Power Size Capacity Meatbox Round knife diameter
EH-7 1/3HP 460*460*850MM 60KG/HR 120*210MM 254MM
EH-10 1HP 800*650*1050MM 100KG/HR 300*200MM 360MM

Character: 1.Slice the meat which is 5 degrees below zero.
2.Sliced left and right; vegetable melons, onions, garlic, ginger, etc.
3.Mass production of dried meat.
4.The innovative design of the slicer,small volume and large production capacity, all made of
stainless steel and aluminum alloy; easy to operate, clean and hygienic. It is fully enclosed and
used for more than three times longer than normal.