Product Name : KHPC-60 Soy bean milk machine
Product Introduction
Type Power Size Capacity Heat
KHPC-60 110V/90W 950*700*1170MM 60L Gas
KHPC-60 110V/90W 1200*750*1190MM 120L Gas
KHPC-60 110V/90W 1720*1000*1500MM 300L Gas

1. It is suitable for the cooking of bean (rice) pulp, shark's fin, scorpion, soup, lotus root tea.
2.Heat kerosene to heat the double pot, indirectly heating, cooking food will not burn.
3.Automatic heating temperature control setting, and set the size of the fire heating indicator.
4.Discharging by material pouring pedal.
5.Stirring speed could be adjusted from 1 to 10 RPM.
6.The whole of mirror polished of stainless steel is easy to clean and accord with sanitary standard.